Business Plan

Our 2018/19 Business Plan

We provide members with a strong and united voice and help create the conditions that will allow them to prosper.

In 2018/19 we will grow to be the trusted voice of New Zealand’s non-alcoholic beverage industry; an industry association that provides its members with a strong and credible professional body that has the respect and confidence of decision-makers, stakeholders and consumers.

  • Work with non-members to better understand the barriers to membership and work to address these
  • Develop a membership recruitment plan grow membership across the sector
  • Increase the value proposition of membership by looking at future potential benefits
  • Broaden membership to service providers, individuals and other interested parties
  • Develop sponsorship proposition for the NZBC and for member events as an alternative source of revenue
  • Develop policy position papers on water royalties, sugar tax, container deposit legislation and energy drinks
  • Undertake a public opinion survey to understand public mood on key topical issues
  • Implement quarterly stakeholder letter outlining key areas of focus for the NZBC
  • Produce beverage council report show the value of the industry to New Zealand
  • Submit to the Tax Working Group and to Select Committees on relevant legislation.
  • Establish monthly membership newsletter
  • Host annual Beverage Conference
  • Host the New Zealand Beverage Awards
  • Host a quarterly event for members e.g. business breakfasts, networking evenings
  • Undertake annual membership survey
  • Redevelop NZBC website
  • Open NZBC Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • Develop key messages and statistics bank
  • Develop media kit, FAQs, and strengthen relationships with key media
  • Implement proactive media engagement strategy - source opportunities for op- eds and to profile the industry in New Zealand

Who we are:

We provide our members a strong and united voice and help create the conditions to allow them to prosper. We support the industry and work on its behalf to secure sensible policy settings that promote the rights of consumers and allow our members to continue to make a positive contribution and provide choice in New Zealand’s food and beverage sector.

We work on behalf of the non-alcoholic beverage industry:

The New Zealand Beverage Council brings together the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of New Zealand’s juice, carbonated drink, bottled water and flavoured dairy brands.

Our members represent over 75 percent of the non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages sold at retail level in New Zealand.

As an industry association, we proudly represent and advocate for our members – working constructively with our partners, regulators and decision-makers to ensure the right settings are in place that allow our industry to succeed.

We believe the non-alcoholic beverage industry has the potential to play an increasingly important role in New Zealand’s economic future – creating jobs, strengthening our manufacturing base, supporting the regions and growing the country’s export earnings.

We also recognise that, like all food manufacturers, we have important social and environmental responsibilities. Our members are absolutely committed to working to minimise their impact and making sure consumers have both choice and access to the right information at the right time, so they can make the best decisions for both themselves and their families.

We have an ambitious plan for 2018

Last year’s vote on the future of the New Zealand Beverage Council clearly showed our members want a strong, independent body that is focussed on the interests of the beverage industry in this country.

As a result, the Council has recruited a fulltime Communications and Engagement Manager who will focus on working with members and stakeholders, and will ensure the Council provides its members with ongoing support, strong advocacy and value-for-money.

As a Council, we will grow to be the trusted voice of New Zealand’s non-alcoholic beverage industry; an industry association that provides its members with a strong and credible professional body that works hard on their behalf and which has the respect and confidence of decision-makers, stakeholders and consumers.

The priority for 2018 is to put in place the building blocks that are required to deliver to our members a strong and credible business association. This includes developing new communications channels and resources, strengthening relationships and growing our membership base.

Our Priorities for the year

1. Unite: We will grow to be the united voice of New Zealand’s non-alcohol beverage industry.
          Actions: Develop membership recruitment plan, address barriers to membership, improve membership value proposition, broaden membership.

2. Advocate: We will work constructively with decision-makers and regulators to ensure the right settings are in place to support the industry and maximise its potential.
         Actions: Develop policy position papers, public opinion survey, quarterly stakeholder letter, beverage industry report, submit to tax working group and on other legislation as required

3. Support: We will support our members by ensuring they have access to relevant information and research. We will recognise and celebrate their success and will provide opportunities to network, socialise and engage with others involved in the sector.
          Actions: Establish member newsletter, host quarterly events including the Beverage Conference and Beverage Awards, investigate formal partnership with the ABC, membership survey.

4. Inform: We will earn the trust and confidence of New Zealanders by being a reasonable voice on behalf of the industry. We will advocate for consumer rights, support choice and ensure they have access to the facts backed by science.
          Actions: redevelop the NZBC website, establish social media channels, develop key message and statistics bank, produce media kit, implement proactive media engagement strategy

How will we know if we are successful: Our Key Performance Indicators?

  • Increase in membership numbers
  • Increased percentage of total non-alcohol beverage industry represented by NZBC
  • NZBC viewed as credible and professional business association whose views are sought
  • Access to relevant Ministers and decision makers
  • Established strong and constructive relationships with regulatory bodies
  • Improved results through regular membership survey
  • The percentage of members who believe NZBC membership provides good value for money increases
  • Improved public trust and confidence
  • Increase in percentage of articles with NZBC spokesperson included